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Annalisa Bollini


Embroidery is a practice that goes over the surface, the threads pass through the canvas and cling to it, like seeds in the ground. Just as seeds contain the origin’s promise and the world’s essence, threads can give life to new stories and new worlds when “planted” with care in the canvas. Just as seeds resew the life’s cloth while linking one to another like parties of the same whole, embroidery embodies a strong desire of connection. Both seeds and threads are symbols of relation and belonging. For this reason ‘seeding threads’ is the principle behind Annalisa Bollini’s work. Through embroidery, thanks to the energy of imagination and to a slow and patient time, her work investigates the magic of throwing seeds just to discover what it will come out. A hymn to fantasy, to that dimension where everything is possible, as it is imaginable. Surreal universes enriched by details that belong to our world, so recognizable even if translated into something else. For her tactile nature embroidery is like a colorful dance between hands, threads and needle, a continous exchange of sensations that represents both the informative part of her creative process and the connection to the primal way of working. A never ending discovery in which every stitch and every thread have their own special potentiality that has always to be found out.


Samstag, 9. September ab 17.00 Uhr


Sonntag, 10. September bis Samstag 23. September


täglich 13.00 Uhr – 19.00 Uhr